A 12-week holistic 1:1coaching programme to tackle cravings, reduce body fat, improve skin condition and get you glowing with confidence and individual beauty

I will coach and support you to reach your healthy goal

  • Bi-Weekly meetings with a highly qualified and registered Nutritional Therapist

  • Menu planning

  • Lifestyle advice

  • Help overcoming cravings and obstacles

  • Regular contact through medium of your choice i.e. email, text, whatsapp, messenger

  • Option to upgrade to include biochemical testing

Reasons you may have for wanting to 'Whittle That Waist'...


  • You want your clothes to fit better?

  • You have been overweight for most of your life and tried every diet going? Enough is enough!

  • You gave up smoking some months ago and in the process put on a stone, which you've had difficulty shifting?

  • Maybe the middle aged spread is getting you down?

  • You want to be slim and healthy in time for a big event?

  • You've been diagnosed with PCOS, diabetes or high blood pressure and know its important to get your weight down?

  • You just want to be healthy and feel vibrant?

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