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NutritionAli-Healthy in Old Age

Swindon Nutritionist

If your parent is elderly and  lives on their own, you may worry about whether they are eating properly and what you can do to help? 


Your parents may be disabled, have dementia, or simply do not enjoy cooking for themselves?  They may also rely on carers to heat a nutritionally poor ready meal? 


Would you like to feel confident that the food given is nutritious, looks good, tastes great and is prepared in a way that your loved one can eat?


Perhaps their appetite has diminished and they need smaller meals and encouragement to eat at regular intervals?  


You may also worry about other health issues such as skin viability, diabetes, high blood pressure, diverticulitis, swallowing problems etc?


Diet including meal consistency and how it is presented is crucial to alleviate symptoms and improve appetite.


I can help you!


I can spend quality time with your loved one in their own home, cooking their choice of food, so that they will eat and enjoy their meals. 

These can be batch cooked, ready for a carer to reheat as and when needed. Alternatively, if your parents don't want company, but would like a tasty and nutritious meal, I can prepare these and deliver.   


If your mum or dad used to be a keen cook, but now have physical or cognitive difficulties, I can also assist them to get involved according to their ability and wishes.


I have 20 years experience caring for people with progressive diseases and various disabilities, including dementia and elder care.  I have a BSc Nutritional Therapy, I'm qualified to NVQ4 Registered Care Home Managers, City & Guilds 3250 Advanced Care Management and hold a current Food Hygiene certificate.


My rates are competitive and above all, I care.

Give me a call today to discuss your needs, or your parents.

07890 968 216


How much does my service cost?

Ingredients for will be charged separately, depending on choice of food.

Time spent with client and cooking will be charged at £15 per hour. If you look after your mother or father and need time off for yourself occasionally, this would be the ideal opportunity to book my services, that way you know they are looked after, plus they get some batch meals for the freezer.