Are you stuck in a breakfast rut?

Are you relying on a quick bowl of unfulfilling cereal to get you through until lunch, but ultimately end up with mid morning, Paddington bear style munchies and reach for a sugary snack to see you through until lunchtime?

If this sounds like you, then protein is your friend!

Cereals are generally very low in protein and your body breaks the carbohydrate down quickly, giving you an energy dip and cravings for sweet snacks.

A quick internet search will give you confusing information about how much protein (or how little) you should eat. The truth is, protein keeps you fuller for longer and stops you eating that jam sandwich (or equivalent). Protein builds you, repairs you and helps you fight bacterial and viral infections. In fact, every cell in the body needs protein and when I do a micronutrient breakdown exercise with a client, most, quite simply, just don’t eat enough. They tend to have cravings or hunger pangs they just can’t shift without a fix.

So below, I’m sharing with you seven tasty plant based breakfasts, that include a good amount of protein and will shake that boredom away. When the boredom goes, you stay interested: Interested in improving your health through healthy choices. And if you sign up to my monthly newsletter, you'll also receive a free breakfast planner complete with recipes and shopping list, to make your life a little bit easier. All the recipes are plant-based and there are options for gluten free too. Some may also be prepared in advance, to make mornings less stressful.

Top 7, Protein Packed, Plant Based, Breakfasts

1. Toast with nut butter, banana and hemp seeds

2. Curried tofu scramble

3. Brownie protein pancakes

4. Fruity tahini overnight oats

5. Chickpea omelette with asparagus

6. Chickpea breakfast scramble

7. Egyptian fava beans with tahini and toast

The Total Health Café also stocks a great range of protein powders that can be added to some of the recipes. You can find them here:

Enjoy one of these breakfast options instead of your usual cereal or toast. Adding variety increases the nutrient density of our meals and feeds our microbiome, to keep our gut bacteria in healthy balance, supporting our immune system, plus many other benefits.

Until next time,

happy home cooking! x