Nutritional Therapist Practitioner

Hello, I'm Ali, a Nutritional Practitioner who cares about your health. 

How long have you struggled with your relationship to food and weight?  How many diets have you tried so far? Perhaps you have also been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and are confused about all the conflicting information out there?

I can help! My aim is for you to glow with health and vitality and feel happier and more relaxed about eating and mealtimes.  Together we take one step at a time with weekly 1:1 coaching, bespoke programmes and delicious that you can emerge a healthier, happier version of you.

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"I thought she was fab! Really good approach, she was personable and so well informed. Felt inspired to think about my food choices and I’m actually thinking of seeing her for some 121 advice.

 Thanks for organising, I love we work for a company where we value this important stuff" HM, Swindon

"Dear Alison, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to lose my first 20lbs.

I love the new me and I love you for helping me. MT, Swindon

“Fantastic, really enjoyed it. She’s so thorough, professional and knowledgeable.  I can’t fault it – lovely meeting these ladies. Loads of flavours I have never had before. Only vegan in the house so it is great to be able to come here and try all these things. Would be too scared to try this on my own! I’m not adventurous enough to try things on my own – I would be able to give this a go now.” CS, Swindon

Nutritional Therapy for Swindon